Momo, the founder, has been engaged in the fashion industry and engaged in the buyer profession for 15 years, with rich experience in fashion week procurement and keen fashion sense. Founder Momo has been involved in the fashion industry and has been a buyer for 15 years,Rich fashion week procurement experience and keen fashion sense. Served as brand design director and domestic brand horizontal promotion planning. She opened her first buyer's shop, Momo, in 2006. In 2014, she founded the original brand“YOUWEI有尾”, also the chief creative director. At present, it has 11 professional shopping shops in China, and the demand for goods is gradually increasing. Every year, it travels in Paris, milan and New York during the fashion weeks, covering most of the world.

Brand spirit
In this era, women are enthusiastic and elegant. No matter in career or family, they are always professional, efficient and relaxed. This "YOUWEI" makes her show the tender and playful side of a girl.They are generous and independent. They always have dreams and respect for self-growth and self-realization. They also try to keep a balance between reality and beautiful ideals.This "YOUWEI" keeps her true, unpretentious and kind to her imperfections.They are tactful and wise. They are able to freely accept and release secular rules of the game, difficulties and adversities, and can even tactfully compromise. However, not taking a stand does not mean that they are thoughtless.A "YOUWEI" let her remember the inner persistence and boiling hot.More detailed than men, more determined than women.Along the way, the New Garconne "gentlewoman" has become sui generis.

Brand story
Women have animal instinct, can be delicate, can also be proud. Intimate, can also be alone. Between turns, as if has a soft tail to reveal the mood. Proud, happy, confused, intimate, alert, bold... It's not just about balance, it's about expression. Not just touch, but play.

In the spring of 2016, Momo Z, a famous fashion buyer and designer of women's wear, launched a brand new women's wear brand "YOU WEI有尾". Once launched, it became the sales champion of women's wear on the market, and the single product was sold out successively.In October of that year, the "I'm Trouble Maker" collection was launched during the Shanghai fashion week.Later, "YOU WEI 有尾" appeared in Paris spring/summer fashion week 2017, which was favored by buyers and fashion bloggers at home and abroad, and was granted an exclusive interview by Italian VOGUE.As commented by the insiders, "YOU WEI有尾" women's dress is full of sense of design and practical wear.It can already orthodox and decent, also clever concealed or make public or humorous small element, mature with gout, bold with exquisite, in design, colour, fabrics, clipping, wait for a variety of details to go up to harmonize perfectly together.Add clipping close and fluent, not excessive highlight curve but visual effect thin body, each season is trying new quality of a material and fabrics, the style is multivariate.Just as modern urban women are never flat individuals, they are vivid, diverse, independent and rich. Every day is full of freshness and challenges.